Yeasir Arafat


Researcher, Penetration Tester

About Me

A Security Enthusiast with over 4 years of experience also Synack Red-Team member. I am very much passionate where I've experienced with 4years of Whitehat Hacking and web developing. I've got lots of achievements from big companies, including Google(no.1 Bangladeshi #117), Microsoft(5 times), PayPal, Dell, Intel, Nokia(2 times), Sony, United Airlines, Freelancer, Eset, Netgear, Indeed more than 200+ companies and it's still counting. Currently, I’m running a cyber security company under BD govt. ICT division

  • Field of Interest
    • Red-Teaming
    • Web Apps Pentesting
    • Mobile Apps Pentesting
    • Network Pentesting
  • Certification
    • CEH, INTEL, Trovisio, Alienvault
  • Education
    • B.Sc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology (2019)
  • Work Experience
    • Red-Teaming
    • SCADA Hacking
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