Jesus Arturo Espinoza

Mobile & Forensics Lead

About Me

I love web security, PHP programmer, Support Technician, Pentest Services. I started in the world of computer security trying to create a game, which led me to programming, I studied web programming which had nothing to do but I started with the easy, then I wanted to know how to copy a web page the source code which It is not possible and I investigated in depth and thanks to that now I am very into and passionate about computer security, specifically more about web Hacking.

  • Field of Interest
    • Web Apps Pentesting
    • Mobile Apps Pentesting
    • Forensics
  • Certification
    • Pentesterlab all Badges
  • Education
    • .
  • Work Experience
    • Computer security consultant at Dreamlab Technologies
    • Former Pentester at NameConCr√©dito
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