Pentester Space

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What is Penetration Testing?

As a stand-alone service or as part of an assessment engagement, Pentesterspace Penetration Testing will put your cyber security program through its paces. Acting as “white hat” hackers, our experts provide a realistic simulation of an attack on the network within the parameters you define, and deliver a detailed report with recommendations for mitigating risks and vulnerabilities. Whether targeted against a single application, a network or entire facility, penetration testing enables businesses to see what an attack would look like.

A cyber attack puts everything at risk:

An organization’s brand, reputation, and intellectual property. CISOs know they must make fast and informed decisions during a crisis and also quickly assess the scope and impact of the attack, identify who is attacking, and understand the motivations and goals of the attacker. Assessing the security of an organization is no small task.

Red Teaming Assessment:

Our Red Teaming service is focused on increasing your companies strength against serious threats. We also focus on guiding on how to fix a reported issue. It is not about finding as many security vulnerabilities as possible, but finding the most effective way to break into an organization or achieve a specific goal cause quality over quantity. Our red teaming is not limited to technology only, it includes social engineering too.

Next Gen Pentest:

Pentesting: It is one of our core services, we have years of experience in performing penetration testing. We have helped 100+ company to secure their website.Our penetration tester hold certificates (OSCP,CEH) and have a strong knowledge in this field. We do manual penetration testing instead of using scanner which makes sure we don't create much noise in the website. Additionally, we provide remediations steps which helps developer to fix reported issues.

New technology-driven vulnerabilities:

A weakness or incident arising in any one of the three key areas can result in significant losses to a rail operator, including financial and reputational damages. Origins of compromise may include, but are not limited to: › The supply chain › Unsecure design architecture › Unsecure legacy systems › Lack of staff training › Absence of contingency planning › Weak physical security › Incomplete asset registers › Unsecure external network connections › Increased connectivity and network access points › Absence of system updates and patching regime >

Why PentesterSpace?

#Industry-leading and vendor-agnostic technology platform:
Our strategic alliances with a rich ecosystem of industry-leading security solution providers ensure that we deliver only the best-in-class solutions available in the marketplace today.
#Our team brings years of extensive experience with domain knowledge and skills in:
-IT security incident management, response handling and investigation.
-Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.
-IT security governance, risk assessment and compliance.

How PentesterSpace Helps?

300,000 endpoints managed
90% reduction in time taken for vulnerability identification
35,000 security events correlated and analyzed per day per customer
98% endpoint security compliance
25% reduction in false positive
70+ threats identified across mobile and web platforms